Fox News’ O’Reilly on Electric Vehicles: ‘I’m for that’

For those who’ve become accustomed to Fox News pundits occasionally lambasting electric vehicles, judging by a spot on the O’Reilly Factor, and other recent broadcasts, one might begin to think they’re on the verge of turning over a new leaf.

As you can see in the clip below, Jesse Watters offers an audio-visual collage of apparently random people discussing cars at the recent New York Auto Show.

While commenting on a variety of vehicles types, the video leads up to the message that electric vehicles are conditionally OK in O’Reilly’s world.

Last year certain Fox pundits were known to specifically target “anything with a plug,” especially General Motors’ Chevrolet Volt, and even in this clip, the halo vehicle by the world’s largest automaker was conspicuously missing.

But if electric vehicles are the future, that’s great by O’Reilly, he says in response to Watters who briefly mentions the idea on the set of the O’Reilly Factor.

“The new technology I think we’re going to see is these electric cars, 100-percent electric,” Watters says.

“That’s good, we like that,” replies O’Reilly shaking his from head side to side.

Watters then goes on to mention wireless inductive charging at home, and O’Reilly says it’s all good, as long as the price comes down.

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  • Oilygarch

    I hate to say it, but I actually agree 110% with Bill here.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    Went to the auto show today, I’ve never seen so many hybrid model choices. The first commercial flying car was there. about 300k.. 35 mpg on the highway too…. just don’t get a fender bender…


  • James Davis

    Republicans have an institutionalized mind. When it comes to electric cars, and because of Bush, they are like fish out of water…they just flip and flop all over the place. Bush was voted by the presidential historical society as the 6th worst president ever in this nation’s history and the third dumbest, and the rest of the GOP follow him like he is a demigod or something.

    Are they so nave that they think the rest of America don’t know what they are doing? Just in case you are a republican reading this or having it read to you, I’ll go ahead and answer that question for you…yes, you are that nave.

  • Wipster

    I think you meant “naive” not nave or even knave… and I do agree with you.

  • ravadac

    James, You should really get out more and stop gorging yourself on what the liberal blogs are spewing. I am a republican and a conservative. I’ve owned hybrid cars since 2006 ( HCH-II, Mariner hybrid, and now drive a Toyota Camry hybrid ). I know how much electricity my home uses every second and I’m currently in the process of hiring a contractor to install a 5kw solar array for my home.

    There are conservative folks out there that also believe in protecting the environment. Don’t believe the hype that we’re all evil oil sucking monsters who want to dump oil over all the little baby seals and then bludgeon them to death with our big humvees. If you believe that then you’re the “nave” one.

    I have to ask: “Are they so nave that they think the rest of America don’t know what they are doing? ”

    What is nave? Did you mean naive? What are we naive about? You wrote: “they think the rest of america don’t know what they are doing”. What does this even mean? Is this about hybrid cars? If it is then I think a good majority of Americans are “nave”. I know many liberals and conservatives alike who know very little about hybrid technology. Many still believe that you have to plug them in. There are a lot of people from the entire political spectrum that are ignorant.

    I honestly could not understand your statement. I guess my “republican” brain could not grasp your intellectual prowess with the written word.

  • AP

    James, if we’re going to bring politics into it, I’d say that Barack Obama is going to give Jimmy Carter a run for the money as being THE worst president ever.

    By the way, most of the new wells producing oil that Obama has been bragging about? They were all started by Bush. Obama is not above taking credit for a “lesser” president’s accomplishments.

    Back on subject:

    My guess is that Fox News got a whole lot of negative reaction from conservatives like me, who didn’t appreciate their political opportunism when it came to the Volt, and somehow associating it with Obama.

    While I greatly disagree with nearly all of what Obama does, fair is fair. There is no need to stretch the truth in order to criticize him.

  • veek

    Stereotyping is stereotyping. It’s equally fallacious, potentially bigoted, and potentially evil when done by a so-called “liberal” or a “conservative.” “Liberal” or “conservative” are simply generalized labels we place at our own risk, and generalizations can easily be misapplied. Unfortunately they have caused great damage to our society and to our selves as well. Good luck with life.

  • howard w. hildebrand

    Bill this last week a man was on my computer saying that you and Beck were paid off to say that you two had seen the birth certicfic of Oboma I dont belive this you dislike the president as much as I do for his policies please let me know that this man was wrong he also said that he wants Oboma to resign that he was found guilty of all things like where he went to school and how he was backed. we watch your program quite often and belive you to be a true american . thanks Howard