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    I went to the dealership and

    I went to the dealership and had a bandaid treatment two times before the warrenty expired...Now that I am out of warrenty the problem returned, and NOW I need to replace the transmittion...for 5500.00 furthermore I was never told the warrenty extended for 105,000 miles or I would of been in a third time...But I am certain if it were still under warrenty they would just put on another bandaid fix just

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    I have an 03 HCH with 89,000

    I have an 03 HCH with 89,000 miles. I bought it used dealer maintained. Is it still under warranty? I have the same issues everyone else has regarding the shudder. but it doesn't get any worse or better. I thought it was the engine just lurking when accelerating slowly. Also since the problem keeps coming back for everyone maybe its normal breakin period for the cvt. I have seen the same vibrations on other non honda cvt's.

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    Hello, I bought a 2003


    I bought a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid from West Broad Honda in Richmond, VA in August of 2006 for my daughter to drive during high school and thru college, thinking this would be a very safe and reliable car for my daughter to drive. She will be a 2012 graduate of James Madison University in Harrrisonburg, VA. The salesman sold me the Extended Warranty and told me it would last for seven years or 100,000 miles, whichever came first. The car now has 70,000 miles on it. He said this would be great since it would cover my daughter's car until 2013. I took the car in for service on August 9, 2010 and was told by West Broad Honda in Richmond, VA that the car needed a "Starter Clutch." They told me that the warranty had expired in January of 2010 and that we would have to pay $1600 to have the "Starter Clutch" replaced. I did receive a letter dated Summer 2007 from Honda Automobile Division stating that if I had any hesitation or Judder that I was to take the car to my local dealership and they would repair the CVT free of charge. The problem with this is that we did not detect any problem until the fall of 2010. We took car back to West Broad Honda and was told that either it was the transmission or that the car needed new transmission fluid. They did change the transmission fluid and the problem seemed to disappear but it came back this Summer of 2011. Like others, I feel like they just ignored the problem and just waited unitl the warranty ran out. Please let me know what do do next.

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    I have a '05 HCH with the

    I have a '05 HCH with the shuddering issue everyone else is talking about. It started just after 80k miles. My local mechanic (St. Paul, Minnesota) was familiar with this problem and told me to take the car to a Honda dealer to have it addressed. I got the car in today, and they've done something to or replaced the bushings claiming that that's the recall fix (is it really???) and that this would do better than anything else that could be done. I know little about car repair, but since I haven't seen anyone else comment about bushings, I'm guessing this is just another band-aid that won't solve the bigger problem (are they waiting for the warranty period to expire??). Am I right? And what's a bushing anyway?

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    03 HCH here with 130k, 2nd

    03 HCH here with 130k, 2nd tranny starting to shudder. Dealer recommends replace fluid and burnish.

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    This is a reply to my own

    This is a reply to my own posting of a week or two ago... It turns out the dealer burnished the CVT twice, per the service bulletin protocol. What he meant by replacing the bushings I don't know, but that wasn't what they ended up doing. Actually, I'm glad they burnished twice during the same service request. That way, I don't have to waste more time before a second one is done. It seems the mechanic continued to experience the "judder" after the first burnish, so they went ahead and did a second. So far, I haven't noticed the judder, but I'm prepared for it to return, at which point I believe the service bulletin recommends replacing the start clutch.

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    Does any one know or can

    Does any one know or can guess how long the car will continue to run if you simply ignored the shuddering? My car has 150K and I wonder about spending 3K for something that could come back.

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    My 03 HCH with 130K miles

    My 03 HCH with 130K miles has had the jutter for at least 25K miles now, we bought it used with 95K on it. I didn't notice when it started & the shade tree mechanic thought it was endemic to Honda hybrids, nothing to do about it. The thinking was, it was probly caused by the electronic controls switching power from electric motor to gas power and back 30 times a second. Anyway I'm going to drive it this way til my ship comes in.

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    I have the same issue. Just

    I have the same issue. Just called Honda with the 800 number, apparently there's no recall and I'm out of warranty (goes to 105,000, I'm at 115,000). Apparently, there's no way to work with them on that. I'm filing a complaint with the BBB and NHTSA. I'm going to try changing the fluid a few times, then if that doesn't work, burnishing. Can I do that myself? Is it covered in the service manual (I have one in the mail)?

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    Same problem here since I

    Same problem here since I bought the car in 2005 I have had constant transmission problems- Thye even replaced it a year and a half ago at 46,000 miles and now I am having the same issues--- I only have 66,000 miles. I went into Honda after a different mechanic told me I needed a new tranny and told them they had to replace it. They said their mechanics said it just needed a burnish-- AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I calmly explained hey we just did this see here is my time lines. 2 days later the manger of the service department (and why did it take 2 days) finally called and told me it's the hoops they have to jump through, in the meantime what about the customer-
    I think we should all ban together and fight this- demand new trannies!!! Any lawyers out there looking to do a civil lawsuit... Just saying is all!

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