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    I had the start clutch

    I had the start clutch replaced in 2007 at about $1,500 dollars three months before the extended warranty was issued. Of course, Honda never contacted me about it so I just suffered paying that much. A few months ago (October 2010) the problem came back again because the first time the service was done they put in the same problematic part. The dealer who did the second service told me to contact American Honda because I should at least get my money back for the first service. I've written a letter to American Honda and they are only going to "look" into the first service (which both were done at Honda dealers) and wouldn't even consider giving me any money back for the second service since it was out of the "window of the warranty", even thought the second problem stemmed from the first service and putting the same problem part in. I am a college student and had to use $1,500 dollars of student loan money to pay for this out of pocket. I will NEVER buy a Honda based on the way they have treated me on this. No person should have to spend that much money out of pocket because Honda made a bad part and won't accept their fault. I am currently still attempting to get money back, somehow. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I too am an owner of an 03

    I too am an owner of an 03 HCH and experiencing the judder problem. It began about a year ago. My check engine light is on, and my IMA light would come on and off for a while, but now is on steadily. I took my car to the Honda dealership I've always taken it to for maintenance and they told me that I need a new catalytic converter (at $1300) and a new hybrid battery (at $2700). They didn't address the judder issue at all. I've got 135k miles on the thing and was hoping that like other non-hybrid hondas, this car would last a good 200k miles. I'm taking it to a second honda dealer on Monday for their opinion. I'm in PA. Wondering if I'm covered under any warranty. Any recommendations from anyone out there?

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    Hopefully you have read the

    Hopefully you have read the other posts and know you are out of warranty. If you still have the IMA check engine light on and the car is running fine other than the shudder. I would recommend you discontect the car battery to see if that will reset the indicators. If the catalytic converter goes bad it is supposed to be very loud worse than a broken muffle so it sound like your dealer may giving you bum scoop. My shudder problem has gone way down with cold weather but anticipate it will begin again this summer.

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    I'm An owner of a HCH myself

    I'm An owner of a HCH myself And i'm having the same problem

    I just wanted to kno the ** burnish ** would that hlep my car stop the shudder & if so for how long ?



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    How did you get Honda to pay

    How did you get Honda to pay for the replacement? I have an 03 hch, came to a redlight and then car wouldnt go into gear, just revved RPMs. Had it towed to Honda dealer, they are still diagnosing but so far they have said possible Start up clutch or drive belt. I have 130k miles, any chance Honda would be covering any of the repair cost?

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    I've been looking at thir

    I've been looking at thir thread with amazement. I also have a Honda CVT in the Jazz (you know it as Fit) Honda have the same deceptive approach in Australia. When the shudder started it was under warranty. They told me it eeded a new type of oil and would be OK. It did it again after it was out of warranty and they had to flush the oil again, and again later. Each time costing hundreds of $$$. Finally it is getting much worse and they say it has done too many miles (km actually) and not their problem. They string you along with empty rhetoric until you're out of warranty and cut you loose. If anyone starts a class action against Honda CVT's there are plenty of frustrated, badly treated and annoyed Honda owners in Australia. This should be worldwide. If they had a shred of decency they would hang their heads in shame. Shame Honda. Shame. Honda's slogan here is "It just works" Rubbish Should be "We just lie"

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    I'm on my second

    I'm on my second (replacement) start clutch, 3rd overall. they replaced it the first time 50,000 miles ago but evidently didn't fix the defective part problem

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    Same problem. Started at

    Same problem. Started at 20k. Work done by original dealer.

    First it was not the transmission, just some vague adjustment.

    2nd time,then it was a tightening of the transmission, about an hour. But a replacement part was needed and they did not have it in stock.

    3rd time another dealer looked at it and replaced half the fluid. Said there was no part to be replaced.

    4th time the original dealer tightened it. said the problem is between me and Honda, not their problem.

    5th time is where I am at. May have lost count, could be another one that got dealt with when the catalytic converter went out at 40k.

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    Okay i have an '05 HCH. It

    Okay i have an '05 HCH. It pretty much has all the same problems as everyone elses. It shudders when going from a stop til around 10 mph. And when i slow down sometimes it does a weird lurching thing where the car just kind of jerks.

    I'm around 160k miles so i'm obviously way over the extended warranty on mileage, but it seems that all of their "fixes" are only temporary. I don't want to invest $400 to get it burnished when the problem will only return after a short while. (not to mention any of the more expensive "fixes")

    Has anyone heard of a more permanent fix? Or could i just keep driving and live with it? Will not fixing this lead to greater problems or just continue to be an irritation?

    Mine is also worse during the spring and summer months. Does anyone know why it would be worse in the warmer months? Could it stem from a problem with a belt or something? Has anyone had that replaced?

    Lets hope someone a lot more car savvy than me gets back to me on this. Haha

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    The shudder gets worse with

    The shudder gets worse with the warm weather, the belts are warm and stretch easier. I have not seen anything posted that the shudder will cause further damage. I just plan to keep on driving and changing the oil and only required repairs.

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