I had the start clutch replaced in 2007 at about $1,500 dollars three months before the extended warranty was issued. Of course, Honda never contacted me about it so I just suffered paying that much. A few months ago (October 2010) the problem came back again because the first time the service was done they put in the same problematic part. The dealer who did the second service told me to contact American Honda because I should at least get my money back for the first service. I've written a letter to American Honda and they are only going to "look" into the first service (which both were done at Honda dealers) and wouldn't even consider giving me any money back for the second service since it was out of the "window of the warranty", even thought the second problem stemmed from the first service and putting the same problem part in. I am a college student and had to use $1,500 dollars of student loan money to pay for this out of pocket. I will NEVER buy a Honda based on the way they have treated me on this. No person should have to spend that much money out of pocket because Honda made a bad part and won't accept their fault. I am currently still attempting to get money back, somehow. Any suggestions would be appreciated.