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    Chalk up another '03 Civic

    Chalk up another '03 Civic Hybrid owner with the judder problem. I have had my car for 7 1/2 with just fewer than 95K miles. Dealer says I need a new transmission at $3k. The shudder has been happening for close to a year (didn't know about the recall), but recently seems to have gotten a bit worse. I am wondering how unsafe it is. Once moving >10 mph the transmission is smooth. Sometimes when I decelerate it will lunge a bit. Is it time to get things fixed?

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    Thanks for the advice CJB. I

    Thanks for the advice CJB. I will try once again to work with the dealer to get them to replace the starter clutch. My wife wants a new car so I am hoping I can get some kind of a concession out of honda for buying a new HCH. I would rather not reward the company for behaving this way but my wife is a loyalist. I honestly don't get it.

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    They did it! Diamond Honda

    They did it! Diamond Honda of Glendale CA actually replaced the starter clutch while the car was still in warrantee! Unbelievable but true. After being given the run around for so long and knowing that the warrantee was ending in January it's nice to know that not all dealers are crooks. Wouldn't have been able to speak to the problem without the info from all you folks on this board, so THANK YOU. Good luck!

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    my car does the same thing,

    my car does the same thing, i hope there is a recall on this. im filing with lemon law if this many people have the same problem. Honda should do something about it.

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    Hi, I have a great dilemma.

    I have a great dilemma. I also need facts on the Virginia Hybrid law. I own a Honda Civic Hybrid 2004. Some fellow hit it while it was parked and now the insurance company wants to claim it as a loss. Mileage is about 160,000, yeah, its a lot but my car was paid off and what about the HOV lanes. Will I loose the privilege of driving HOV lanes? what if I get another Hybrid? Can I transfer the tags? I really liked my car but I wanted to look into Toyota Prius. What to do? Please advise. Thank you.

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    JARED good news that the

    JARED good news that the dealer took care of you. Keep us posted if the replacement of Starter Clutch worked. I do not want to spend the $$ if the fix is only a temporary 10K miles fix as some others have posted.

    Has anyone had success with replacing the starter clutch for more that 10K miles????

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    I recently purchased a used

    I recently purchased a used 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid with only 32k that developed this problem immediately. There is an extended warranty on the starter clutch (to 8 years, 80,000 miles I believe). However, even though my car was manufactured more than 8 years ago, Honda is still paying for the repair.

    Ask your dealer to work with Honda, especially if your car is out of the extended warranty period and if they won't, find another one that will. You shouldn't have to pay for the repair. If you're in the DC area, I'm happy to share my dealer and the contact who has been working with me.

    Of course, whether this actually solves the problem remains to be seen. At least Honda is making a good faith effort in my case.

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    I've just moved to Virginia,

    I've just moved to Virginia, but my understanding is that all hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles are allowed to use the HOV lanes regardless of the number of passengers. If you switch to a non-hybrid vehicle, you have to be carrying at least two passengers.

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    Brian, I am in Northern


    I am in Northern Virginia Area so please provide the dealer you are working with. Honda Fairfax said no.

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    Brian please provide dealer

    Brian please provide dealer in DC area as I am in that area. Thank you.

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