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    Flatlander curious as to

    Flatlander curious as to what happened upon your second repair for new starter clutch. I am experiencing the slipping now and the previous owner had the warranty work done in 2007. I am not eligible for the warranty as I am beyond 7 years and the cost from Honda dealer is $1400. I love the car but not sure my $1400 will be spent will if it happens again.

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    I had my 2004 burnished last

    I had my 2004 burnished last year after shudder developed at 110k. My dealer told me nothing about any service bulletins and I paid about $395 for burnishing. Now at 126K it's starting to come back again.

    M Santos - since you are obviously the most expert on this post I have two questions:

    1. Should the dealer have notified me about the bulletins when they did burnishing?

    2. Can burnishing be done more than one time and be effective?

    I love the car and will not be putting anywhere near the miles on it for the next few years as I did in the past. Getting it burnished once a year for $395 is better than $395 a month to buy a new car.

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    Griz - I would call Honda

    Griz - I would call Honda USA 1-800-999-1009 with your VIN and determine if you car is still eligible for the warrenty. It is 7 years from when the car was sold. My 2003 was sold July of 2002 so I missed it by a year.

    Sounds like you got shafted last year with the burnish. If you are still covered under the warrenty I would take it back ask for the correct repair under warrenty and a full refund of your $395.

    1 dealer told me they would only Burnish once. Another told me they would do it multiple times.

    Not sure what I am going to do as I can not sell it with the obvious shudder.

    Still looking for confirmation that the replacement of start clutch is working and would be worth my $1400

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    I just called the number CJB

    I just called the number CJB listed above. My vehicle is within the 7 years, but I have 140,000 miles on it - well outisde the 105,000 limit on the warranty extension. I was told that, despite having this fixed once in 2008, they wouldn't address my issue. I was then given the corporate address for American Honda Motors and told that I could send a letter to them, but that wouldnt' probably help either. I am so frustrated. Some people (me) don't consider their vehicles disposable and now I my vehicle is stuck with a potentially-degrading condition due to a manfuacturer's defect.

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    Same thing with my 2003

    Same thing with my 2003 Honda Hybrid. This is a known defect and they kept putting it off, burnishing and replacing until they purposefully knew that the cars would run out of warranty. This is a case for a class-action suit if I ever heard one...they had a known defect and put a bandaid on until they could guess us out of warranty.

    I loved my Honda, but the conduct and attitude of the company has soured me.

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    I am so upset with the way

    I am so upset with the way Honda has treated me. I bought my 1st car, the 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid. I took my car into the 1st Honda dealership and had repairs done on a regular basis. At 62,000 miles I noticed it start to judder and mentioned it to the mechanic and he checked it out and noted it on the service form which I still have, but said he didn't feel it. So, I ignored it and thought it was just me.

    Then, I get the extended service bulletin. And when my car was at about 101,000 miles I took it in in October to have it "fixed" at a different Honda dealership (this being my 2nd dealership). They burnished the clutch and so I thought it was fixed and on my way.

    112,000 miles and LESS than 9 months later the judder is back (and of course, now out of the 105,000 mile warranty-convenient for Honda!). So, I took it back to the 2nd dealership thinking they should replace the clutch free of charge because of it being less than a year since they "fixed" it last, but was I wrong! They said it would cost me $1400 to replace the clutch, but they were "willing to work with me" after I called the manager to complain. They brought the price down to $1200. Wow how kind.

    I obviously was not happy with that. I called American Honda and placed a complaint. Took my car to another dealership (Yes a 3rd Honda dealership) who was a little bit better, but still not the answer I am looking for. After emailing all my service records from 2004-2010, they were willing to pay $450 and I would have to pay $590 ($360 difference from my first quote...interesting!) which their offer is good for 15 days.

    I have to say I am extremely disappointed in Honda's service and I truly am not sure if I will ever buy another Honda. Wondering who I can talk to at Honda and try to get this resolved. Any suggestions??

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    KG - Looks like your in the

    KG - Looks like your in the same boat I am. Pissed at Honda for the way they are handling this and debating the start clutch job.

    Can some one post if the stater clutch change is worth the $$ and has it stopped the shudder for more the 10K miles???

    My plan is to live thru the shudder till this thing dies as I just put new tires on it last year before the shudder started. I am also hoping as winter comes the shudder will die down.

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    My wife and I are starting

    My wife and I are starting to go through this process with her 2004 HCH - we just had the clutch burnished. Her 7 year extended warranty ends this coming January. Man it's frustrating. Maybe we should trade it in while the car still has some value - there is only 43k miles on it. But I feel like this is rewarding them for not copping to the problem. Normally she would have driven it for at least another couple of years. Hopefully someone here will answer the above question which might help us make a decision.

    Can some one post if the stater clutch change is worth the $$ and has it stopped the shudder for more the 10K miles???

    Thank you...

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    Jared, If you are covered

    Jared, If you are covered under the warrenty I would demand they replace the starter clutch now.

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    Hi all, I own an '04 Honda

    Hi all, I own an '04 Honda Civic Hybrid that has the exact same problem. The car vibrates when it accelerates off the line, and it is much worse if the car is facing uphill or there are several people in the car. I only have about 52,000 miles on the car, so I'm not sure of what to do. I feel like after reading about so many other people having this problem, that this is definitely a flaw in the design. Is there anything I can have done to my car under warranty if the title is rebuilt/salvaged? I feel like I gotted ripped when buying this car used, and don't know what to do.

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