2008 civic hybrid with 95K. If I fully charge the battery then shut it off for a few hours, the battery is drained to the point that the IMA doesn't assist (battery meter on 2 bars). I can leave the car for days and it doesnt seem to drain any further. Dealer said it was normal.

I recently took it in for IMA light. I took it to the dealership and they said ther wasn't a problem with the battery. They said the problem was a master cylinder and servo unit assembly. This was going to be close to 4K to have them fix it. I'm struggling with the diagnonis because if the brake system is draining the battery when the car is off, wouldn't it drain it all the way?

I tried to look online for some help fixing it but no luck. Any harm in not fixing it (if its brake related)? I don't know what the brake servo assy is but couldn't I get one from a junkyard?