Hi All

Just completed a heater core bypass and what a difference it made on the A/C in EV . I've had a feeling the heater core was causing the recir air to heat up much faster for a long time, but took action today. It was easy, cheap, and took only 20-30min after I got the parts and let the engine cool down an hour with the hood up. Here is what I did:

I couldn't find what Advanced Auto said was a kit, but I found
two heater hose 90 degree elbows that I attached together to make a U
shape with a 5/8" piece of heater hose. The nipples from the heater
core were plugged with heater hose plugs that just slip on tight. I
didn't want to leave the core open for contamination. Used the
existing clamps to install the U bypass to the stock hoses that were
not cut. Used tie wraps to secure the U bypass. The reason I felt a
return was needed was mainly for the electric coolant pump. The Parts
Supply employees said just plug the hoses, but I wanted to stay on the
safe side and maintain a return coolant flow.

I cut off about a 1/2" of one end of both elbows so the U would be
closer to the distances the two heater core nipples are apart. As you
disconnect the top hose, slide the existing clamp on the existing
heater hose further on about 2". Have a small container below the core
nipples to catch any coolant. As I slid the hose off, I plugged the
core nipple with the new plug and held the end of the heater hose with
my thumb. You can then raise the heater hose up so coolant will not
run out and attach the pre-made U bypass with the existing clamp. Do
the same with the bottom heater hose and the bypass can be completed
with both hoses above the engine. Remove the pan with about 4-6oz of
coolant that was lost before putting the bypass back in place. Add the
coolant back to the reservoir. Tie wrap the bypass to the heater core
nipples to secure.

Bought two clamps, two 5/8" plugs, small piece of 5/8' heater hose,
and two 5/8" plastic heater elbows. Total cost was ~$10.00. Access is
real good and you can fit a small pan to catch coolant that drains
while making each connection so the coolant can be replaced in the
system after the installation. The work took about 20-30 minutes total
after letting the engine cool for about an hour with the hood up.

The heater core was responsible for losing most of the A/C cold air while in EV so fast. This is going to be a nice summer this year!