I am intersted in getting an after market radio/CD player for my 06 MMH. I do not want or need all the bells or whistles, just getting a new one so i can have an "Aux" plug in the radio for MP3 and Sattelite. I do not want to spend a lot of money on the system and found several at Best Buy for around $100. I know there are options out there for attaching the iPod and sattelite directly to the radio, but i just want the plug.

The guy there mentioned I may need a special harness for the radio because hybrids have a lot of information going to the radio.

Now, I do not have the Nav system, just the factory "Audiophile" 6 disc changer. It does not give me any more information than a regular radio system would.

So would i really need any special "harness" for the radio? I do not want to get taken because i do not know a lot about this. I would think it would be a simple hook up for a new after market radio system.

Here is a link to a sample one, this will probably not be the specific one i buy, but for reference purposes:


Thanks for your responses!