I don't know if anybody has experienced a similar issue or heard of this, but I have a real safety concern with my 2005 FEH. For the past year or so we have noticed that occasionally the car will refuse to turn corners. This is an intermittent problem and of course it never happens when the dealer test drives it at the shop. It always happens the same way, you will be in the middle of turning the corner, and all of a sudden it appears as if a giant hand reaches into the steering wheel and yanks it back against the direction you are trying to go. We have taken it to the Ford Dealership several times now for this issue, and one time they replaced the power steering module, the other times they just told us they could not find anything wrong. However, the issue has not abated and is getting worse.

In the beginning, the problem only occurred when going extremely slow around a corner from a stop, and the "jerk" on the steering wheel would only last a split second. In fact, the problem seems to be related to trying to turn a corner while slowing down. However, there are no warning lights or computer messages when the problem occurs to shed any light on what might be going on. In fact, right after the problem shows up, everything will be working just fine as if nothing was wrong or had ever been wrong.

Recently, we had several occasions where the car refused to turn for more than a second. Two days ago, I was in the middle of turning the corner on a busy intersection, without having come to a stop but turning the corner at about 10 miles per hour. 1/3 into the turn, the steering wheel refused to respond for about two seconds. I could not resume steering until I had come to a complete stop, and by that time I was in the second lane, about 2 inches away from the median. Thank goodness I was turning into a divided road with two lanes each way, otherwise I would have been in the oncoming traffic by the time the car finally responded.

I took the FEH back to the dealer where I purchased it and told them that "no trouble found" would not be an acceptable answer: I refuse to drive the car until they can guarantee the problem is fixed. Realistically though, I am not sure what I can do if they insist that there is nothing wrong. I am uncomfortable driving a car where the steering may fail to respond without any warning, and can't very well sell it in this condition either. I hope the dealership finds the problem and fixes it, as I really like my FEH. Has anybody out there experienced the same problem or knows what I could possibly have the dealer look at to get this fixed?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.