I am wrapping up the conversion of my FEH radio to a factory nav system. I lucked out and got a radio, antenna, and disc set for about $300 on ebay. To make the swap work, though, I had to buy the CAN/ACP module and the harness from Ford. Those cost about $200, so total cost for everything ~ $500. I didn't add the CD changer, subwoofer, or tweeters, although I may later. I now have a multitude of FE indicators! The average econ display and instant econ bar graph are still in my message center, as one would expect, in addition to the FE display in the Nav unit.

In the process of doing this swap I learned that you can retrieve the HV battery SOC and voltage from the CAN using the SC, but it is somewhat cumbersome and doesn't always work if there are other requests on the CAN. At any rate, I think now that it would be possible to make a circuit board to take the ACP battery info and make a battery output meter. This will take significant time and effort, though, and is not high on my list now.

Lastly, the CAN/ACP module mounts on the passenger sidewall...can anybody with a factory installation look how the harness is routed to see if it goes behind the HVAC box? Mine is just hanging right now, but everything works.