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    Test Drive

    About 8 months ago I went to the Honda dealer in Hollywood, CA to look and test drive the Honda Civic (Hybrid). The salesman would not allow me to test drive it. He said, "Test driving is ONLY for serious buyers." He first did not want me to even look at it and told me it looks like any other Civic. But I insisted on looking at it. Has anyone else experience problems with test driving any hybrids?

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    Test Drive

    Around April of 03 I went into my local Honda dealer to check out the HCH.

    They had one on the showroom floor and the salesman was not very helpful at all. It seems like he had better things to do so my wife & I left.

    I spent the rest of the year watching HCH reliability reports and shopping around.

    The next January (04) I stopped in again and had a completely different experience.

    In the showroom I hopped in the HCH to look around. The first thing the salesman did was hop in next to me, turn on & crank the radio.
    I just snapped off the radio and told him to get out of the car. And he did.

    In order to test drive it I had to let them copy my drivers license and that was all.

    Although the salesman couldn't answer basic hybrid quesions like "What does the ECONO button do?" at least he was interested about it.

    We worked out a good deal too.

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    Test Drive

    sure am glad i didn't get a dealer like you guys! metro honda in montclair has a dedicated salesman for the hybrids. something he picked up by accident because he like the concept of the car & simply sold a bunch of them.

    i was able to see a car & drive it away. my 1st test drive was actually a drive to the salesman's daughter's day care & take her & two boys with the salesman to their mom's house. (he stayed later for me & i messed up his child pickup schedule). meanwhile this was a very good test drive by having 2 adults & three kids in the car.

    going to the kid's day care we cruised the freeway & i felt the basics of the car to be every bit the same as a regular 4 cyl engine.

    see ya


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    My mother and myself, in

    My mother and myself, in order to make our contribution to the earth, have been trying to find hybrids to test drive. We were/are amazed at the lack of inventory, and assistance. We live in Jacksonville, NC. I personally have contacted dealerships hours away from where we live and they have all have given us the same reply, "You have to order the car, and it is yours." There is no test driving, no one can answer our questions, there is not even one to look at except on the internet. I am very disappointed.

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