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Thread: Toyota rentals

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    Toyota rentals

    Hi Guys,
    I'm not a hybrid driver yet, BUT.... I am seriously thinking about it. I'm a long-time Dodge Dakota lover. But as much as I love my Dakota, I'm really sick of the 14mpg. So, after reading through the forum, I've found alot of good info here. One question first: has anybody here rented a Prius from a Toyota dealer? If so, was it a no-hassle arrangement, as in a good way to test drive without getting sales pressure? Or should I just buck up and go for a normal test drive? (I HATE car salesmen!)

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    Hybrid Rental at Hertz

    I read this news from the Prius forum on http://www.greenhybrid.com.

    According to the Hertz Press on Jun-14-2007, Hertz is going to buy 3,400 Toyota Prius and include them to the fleet.

    link to the Hertz Press Release

    So, maybe you would like to get a week of rental and try it out.

    You certainly can try to "lease" a Prius from Toyota, but not sure about the term, you have to ask your local dealership for that.

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    We recently rented a prius

    We recently rented a prius through National , we joined the emerald club which gave us an upgrade in car levels. when we got outside to the Fleet, we were surpized to find the prius as one of our choices. it cost us about $260 for the two weeks and we put 1800 miles on the car, loved it. great mileage,
    I would recommend renting one, but make sure there is a manual , or get one from a dealer to borrow as we didnt even know how to start the car. but once we got the hang of it. it was a fun car, to drive. went all the way to the Keys, for about $28 in fuel. imagine. janis

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    I would suggest renting from

    I would suggest renting from a large airport rental site. we used national in Tampa and got our choice of a prius. we loved driving it. but make sure that you get a manual or borrow one from a dealer. that would help you understand more about the vehicle . good luck. janis

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    I just rented a Civic Hybrid

    I just rented a Civic Hybrid from Hertz at Logan Airport in Boston without even asking. More and more of the large rental car companies are handling hybrids. You can also check http://www.evrental.com/ for places where Fox focuses on renting hybrids.
    ps. I love the HCH2. This is the first time I've driven it.

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    Enterprise has Prius rentals

    Enterprise has Prius rentals at all their major outlets

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