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    The question remains: Does

    The question remains: Does the inevitable decline in battery performance over time reduce the gas economy compared the Corolla or Civic. That plus the initial price differential might make the hybrid an uneconomical choice and, perhaps, not a clear cut "green" choice.

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    My 2003 HCH has 128,000

    My 2003 HCH has 128,000 miles on the original batteries, and they are still within 20% of the "new" capacity.

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    My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

    My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid just passed 200,000 miles -- minimal maintenance and an average MPG throughout that lifespan of 47mpg, with summer/fall numbers above 50mpg.

    That said, the HMA battery is pretty much dead and it will cost over $3,000 to replace, or $2,200 to go with a third-party refurb battery.... probably more than the car is worth. The car will not pass inspection end of this month, and it seems dubious that I will shell out that kind of money to keep it running, even though all other mechanical systems and body condition are great. And even with a nearly dead battery I still get mileage numbers in the low 40's.

    So there appears to be a more definitive end-of-life point for a hybrid over a traditional gasoline version of the Civic. Given the current mileage numbers, I might be tempted to go back to conventional power. This has been a great car, however, and I'll likely get another hybrid.

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    I'm thinking about buying a

    I'm thinking about buying a 2003 Honda civic hybrid with 190,000 miles on it for $3000 hopefully $2600. Would it be worth it even if the battery pack went out soon? Like would it be able to run just fine with the battery pack being dead. All I need it for is to get to work and back and taking my kids to doctors appts. Please respond ASAP. Thank you

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