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    More on bad gas mileage

    Quote Originally Posted by davidprius View Post
    which octane did you use?
    I always use regular (87 0ctane). Also in response to the gentleman who suggested that Shell gas might help mileage, I just tried a tank of Shell and my city mileage DECREASED to 36 MPG from 38!

    I think that the newer Priuses are much hype and confusion and reverse beeper noise and tire size complication that are certainly not worth about $4K extra!

    And those of you who would call me an idiot or accuse me of not knowing how to drive are welcome to stop by. I will give you $10 and you can fill up with your choice of gasoline, adjust the tire tire pressure to your liking and test drive it for about 5 hours and show me that this car can get say 45MPG!
    Interstates and city roads are close by.
    Sincerely, donrim

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    I was told that you have to

    I was told that you have to get special tires for Prius cars. That is why you see the decrease in MPG. Can anyone confirm this?

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    I just got my 2008 touring

    I just got my 2008 touring edition with 16" tires 2 days ago. After 140 miles (testing to see the mileage), I'm getting 48 plus.

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    Just filled up my 1st tank

    Just filled up my 1st tank on my 2008 Touring. One bar left on the gas display... 320 miles. I calculated 37.25 mpg... the car's computer was saying 40.0.

    How accurate is the car's display usually?

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    The car's display is

    The car's display is extremely accurate, more accurate than manual calculations.

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    Shell 87 Octane gives the

    Shell 87 Octane gives the best mileage (47- 50) on my Toyota Prius. I never got over 44 MPG before.

    Shell 87 Octane is the best Gas for the Prius. Which I discovered by accident I was low on cash so I went for the cheapest grade but I was amazed at the mileage I thought it was the Shell Gas Station so the next time I put Shell 91 Octane but the mileage dropped back to 44 so I thought maybe it was a one time thing then I remembered it was Shell 87 Octane not 91 Octane so I reluctantly put Shell 87 Octane and was shocked at the result 47 MPG, and it was even better Stop and Go Traffic it went up to 50MPG.

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    I have owned eight prius

    I have owned eight prius cars. They all tended to do better after the break in period (20,000 miles). I found that all the cars performed exactly the same for me, around 52 mpg over all and 51 on the highway. I know there are a lot of variables. If you want to read suggestions from owners getting the best mileage, download the pdf here http://priuschat.com/forums/knowledg...a-mileage.html

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    I bought a set of Goodrich

    I bought a set of Goodrich tires for mine that have a 70,000 mile limited warranty. The car sits a lot higher, and gets around 43 mpg vs. the 47 or more I had before. I did notice that the mileage went up or down some with tire rotations. I think that my higher mileage reading were due to the smaller tires as they wore out, since they turn more often, and give a false increased distance reading. I also noticed an improvement with Shell 87 oct. I have a 2005 model. My other car does better on Shell also.

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    If you look at rolling

    If you look at rolling radius charts from Michelin and others, the revs/mile of the P195/55R16 tires are essentially the same as the 185/65R15 tires. This is because even though the diameter at the rim is an an inch different the lower profile of the larger tire compensates. So I don't think you have to change the speedometer gear. Anyway it is so easy to test on any interstate using the mileposts...

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    I have a 2008 Touring model.

    I have a 2008 Touring model. With original Bridgestone EL-400 Turanza average mileage was 48.7 (combined city/hwy). On cross country trips (3000+miles) avg about 47 mpg hwy. On return had a problem with tires, manufacturer defect and Firestone replace with them with Bridgestone ultra high performance tire, Potenza RE960AS Pole Position, which have a higher load rating, speed rating, better all season tire according to tests. Only thing the tire is a 205/55/16. Only 1/3 inch difference in size, equates to 14 more revolutions per mile (about 740 revs/mile). Should not make any difference, but it certainly did change mileage. Now over exact same route to work I only get 41.7 vs 48+ mpg. Can't understand reasons but Bridgestone said I was getting bettter performance/load rating but may lose mpg. Any others with experience in changing tire size??

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