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    Houston Texas Roll Call - Crosspost

    Just trying to stir up some interest in a Houston Fuel Efficiency / Hybrid Club. I guess the first meet would have been the EBH+EV install. So to be consistent, how does the Second Saturday of every month sound?

    Jul 14th
    Aug 11th
    Sep 8th
    Oct 13th

    Well you get the point. Topics could include modifications/installs, technical questions, driving clinics and just whatever else we can think of. If nothing else... an excuse for beer and pizza.

    So next up with be the 14th. Anyone want to join? I have a friend with a Highlander Hybrid that I might try to convince.

    Either post to the thread, email me, or send me a PM.

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    Houston Hybrid and Hypermiler meetup


    Flacked on the the other meets, but after seeing Eric's work at Hybridfest I started feeling guilty.

    So Aug 11th is on, even if it's only me.

    Houston Hybrid & Hypermilers Club (aka HC)

    Sat, Aug 11th @ Noon
    Sonic Drive-In, Cypress Texas (Houston Cy-Fair)
    26044 Highway 290 (Northwest Houston Metro Area)

    There are some tables in the center of the sonic and I'll be hanging out with a tan baseball cap reading "CleanMPG.com".

    Google Map

    Original Post (with Agenda)


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