Just a quick warning... with the discontinuation of the Accord Hybrid, the resale values appear to be decreasing rather quickly.

Don't know if it's just the hype, but Carmax (which in my experience is usually off blue book by 5-10%) gave me a 20% below blue book offer for my 2005 Accord Hybrid (great condition, 42K miles). Said the car was in good shape, they just think there is an exceptionally limited market, especially given the discontinuation.

Went to Toyota, their preliminary offer was 30% below blue book. Was able to get them up to 7% below, but that took a while. Their initial response to my question of 30% below was "the car's been discontinued, resale opportunities are limited).

Granted, these groups are trying to get your car for as little as possible, but I've never had a problem trading in a Honda (this was my fourth Accord, now I've gone to the dark side ).

Private resale may be better (I don't have the time/patience to sell a car myself) but just thought I'd post this to see if others were seeing the same thing.

BTW, only traded in the Accord to get Clean Fuel Tags (and HOV on 66 in DC). Otherwise, pretty decent car... consistently got in the 30mpg range, which is much better than I was getting with my previous 2000 EX-V6.