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    Re: tire pressures, check

    Re: tire pressures, check out this article provided by the CHP to it's officers: http://www.officer.com/article/artic...on=19&id=27281
    I run my tires at 44 psi. The "overinflation" issues with the centers being worn first are based on older tires (typically bias ply). THese days with the new steel belts and kevlar belts and tire design, the tires hold their shape better no matter what inflation over recommended inflation pressure they are (as you can see they are running stock tires on the "trick car" at 100 psi while running on two wheels in the article above). Hydroplaning, performance, mpg, etc. all benefit from max inflation pressure. Tire companies "recommend" lower pressures to maximize "comfort" levels when driving, and also they wear out quicker, so, thus following, you buy more tires! *DING!* A vested interest on their part to counteract anything we find as hypermilers. I've been speaking to many hypermilers running their tires at extreme pressures and ALL have said their wear is even, mpg is better, and NO blow outs or failures.

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    I have done this since 2003

    I have done this since 2003 with many vehicles with no problem at all. Pump up man.

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    After reading this thread

    After reading this thread and doing some other reading I went out a few minutes ago and raised the tire pressure on my '08 HCH to 40 lbs. I did note on the sidewall of the tire to not raise pressures above 40 psi....

    Steve in So Cal

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    Are you sure it didn't say

    Are you sure it didn't say 44PSI?

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    Hi Steve; I do not recommend

    Hi Steve;

    I do not recommend you start by exceeding the maximum sidewall rating. If find it odd that it reads 40 instead of 44 or 51. In any case, if it is really 40 then you can start by setting the front tires to 40 and the rear to 38. Then if you are comfortable with it just go up from there as you see fit.



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