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    Major problems with Highlander Hybrid?

    The check engine light came on at 23,000 miles and the owner's manual was of no help at all. The engine would not come on while driving to power the car or charge the battery. I had the car towed and was prepared to do battle with the dealership to get a loaner car. Come to find out, a mouse had nested in and chewed the engine harness, and the problem wasn't the car's fault. Thankfully this is covered under comprehensive insurance (minus deductible).

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    Glad to hear that

    Hello Ellie,

    I read of your dilemma the other day and came back to see how it turned out. I'm glad it was a mouse and not the car. I love my 2007 Highlander Hybrid but am still under 5000 miles. In my area I do major battles every year fighting the squirrels trying to eat my tomatoes. I'll have to be careful now. If I p' them off too much they might go after my car.

    Take care,

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