I cannot believe how sweet this car is. It looks hot,rides great,has plenty of room and gets great mpg...35mpg city so far! and thats with my wifes driving,lol.

A little history we have three teenage kids and we finally got rid of the minivan.A Kia Sedona, no problems with it but it was only getting 12-14mpg city and 19-20mpg highway and the kids are old enough now so Mom could have something a little less soccer momish. We are totally impressed with this car. We did have an 03 Honda Civic hybrid for about 6 months, we had bought it new but it was way to small and with the wifes heavy foot we were only getting 28mpg cith with it,we traded it in for the Kia. We looked at the Subaru Outback Wagon and some of the smaller Kia`s. We just by chance drove into a Nissan dealership and I say this Frost Hybrid for $24k...at first I thought it was a misprint or something. We took out both the hybrid and a black 2.5S and the we loved the Hybrid! It was a little softer than the Sport but Mass streets suck big time and we use the car for daily driving and the ride is much more controlled over bumpy streets. Anyone looking at Hybrid has to check this car out.I was a little nervous because Nissan uses Toyota`s technology but Toyota is pretty solid.I did pick up the extended warranty just for piece of mind....I always do. I would drive this car everyday...but the wife wont let me,lol