Howdy all,

I've gotten a lot of info on the boards here. I'm interested in buying a Prius. I went and test drove a 2007 and loved it.

However, I noticed a comparably equipped 2005 with 30k miles was for sale at a local dealership for $4000-5000 less than a new one. The online photos make it look like it's in good shape...but I will know that for sure when I test drive it Thursday or Friday.

I really just have one question:

What are the differences between the 2005 and the 2007?

They look extremely similar. Does the current model have more legroom or cargo space? Assuming the used Prius is in great condition, would there be any reason to consider going with new instead? (I'm not a new car fanatic...and I assume the warranty on the hybrid stuff would still be intact).