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I do have the scangauge, which I purchased hoping to read the fuel pressure on a GM product, but no soap. The scan gauge is very cool, and I only had to walk two blocks from my house to buy one straight from the source! I do wish I had the nav system to see the energy screens, but I can't figure out if it can be easily added to an FEH that didn't come with it from the factory. The units turn up on ebay fairly often and only sell for around $350. Do you know of anyone who has added the nav unit to an FEH? Oh, and I have 71,000 miles on my FEH, so if you're noticing things at 37,000 I might be also. Also, I would like to add a light indicating when the A/C compressor is on. Sometimes the ICE kicks on when I think I should have plenty of electrons available to continue in EV, but without the SOC indicator I'm never quite sure.

Thanks for all your contributions regarding improving FE in the FEH. Without it I'd probably be getting closer to the 24mpg that my wife gets when she (rarely) drives it.
I've heard they are adding the Navi to the '08 at the dealership now, but I've heard of no one adding it to the '05. The ones on eBay have not included wire harnesses, GPS antennas, the 6 CD changers and the extra subwoofer wiring harness and two speakers that come in the '05. Face it, it's to late to add any of this to a '05 with 71,000 miles.

When I ordered my unit, the salesman tried to talk me out of paying $1750.00 for the navi. Glad I wouldn't listen and insisted on it. I got every option available on the FWD, and I'm glad I did.

As far as a light for the A/C compressor, you can hear it click on for battery cooling, and it stays on in the '05 manual cabin climate control A/C settings.You don't need a light IMHO if you know how the system works.

Happy to help you and everyone else improve their mileage. I just entered the MPG Challenge at Hybridfest and hope to have it video taped by the person (Debbie Katz a great hypermiler) who is letting me drive her vehicle in the challenge. I'm spending a $1,000 bucks to fly and stay during the event July 20, 21, and 22 next month. Hope to see and meet everyone attending from Hybridcars.com. and other sites I post on. BTW, Hybridcars.com was my first posting site back in December of '04 when I ordered my '05 FEH. Many thanks to Brad for this great place to find information.