I have wanted an electric car or something of that sort for a long time. People always just laughed and now that gas has finally become so expensive, people now just nod when I say I want a Hybrid. I am from So-Cal and I need help picking the right Hybrid! I'm not all-knowing in the Hybrid division so any help is appreciated.

Here is some info on just what exactly I am looking for.
- Of course something with high MPG ( >35 preferably)
- Something that doesn't look like a torpedo
- A cheap price range cause I don't have that much money heh.
- I don't mind it being an older model.

If the car runs really quiet, that would be really nice cause my head is sensitive to bass or low loud sounds heh

I personally have been looking at the Nissan Altima and the Toyota Camry but they are a bit expensive, or at least the ones I have been looking at

Any recommendations with links or spec would be greatly appreciated