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    Our 2001 Toyota Prius hybrid

    Our 2001 Toyota Prius hybrid would stop a few minutes after the red warning triangle light comes on.On the monitor,one can see that the main battery charging has stopped.When the engine is turned off and restarted the charging system begins to work again and after 10 minutes of idle running of the engine the car can drive again.This condition can occur a couple of times in a 30km journey even though the main battery has been replaced with new one 2months ago.

    Please.what could be the possible causes of this condition and what are the soiutons?Thanks

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    My 2001 Prius (180,000

    My 2001 Prius (180,000 miles) has recently been having the problem of the main/large battery discharging, as seen on the energy screen with the battery symbol empty. This has happened on three different occasions, the first being the most serious with the warning screen and the exclamation point. The car will drive, but is very sluggish and will not accelerate as it usually does. I drove it around hoping that it would recharge which it eventually did. This same thing happened again, without the warning screen, etc., but with the sluggish acceleration. Both times the battery was able to recharge. I'm wondering if anyone out there has had a similar problem and solution, or if I just need to go ahead and take it into the Toyota dealer. Your help/advice would be most appreciated!

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