Chrysler has some new owners, Cerberus.

My first instinctive reaction to this news was, great ! They are going to start with a fresh new slate and set bold new plans for fuel efficient cars.

Chrysler has earned some respect with more fuel efficent SUV's lately, getting over 30mpg so I hoped they would play on that strength rather than hope Jeep sales will increase with unexpected gas price decreases, which they seem to be doing now, go figure.

Unfortunetely Cerberus has a reputation as a company that thrives on taking over stuggling companies and reselling them later after slashing costs (jobs). Many think a company from Asia will buy the company in a few years after they do all the dirty work.

It looks like partnering with a larger company is necessary to compete with Toyota and Ford economies of scale.

Good luck Chrysler, the next few years looks rocky,

P.Fezziwig, administrator for , a website devoted to promoting fuel efficient cars and a site promoting consumer reviews of mechanics work.