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    Help! Used 2005 Prius Package 6

    Hi all,
    Sadly, my kid crashed our 2005 Prius about 2 weeks ago. Nobody was hurt, and at first they planned to fix it. Then this week the insurance company decided the damage is too great and called it a total loss.

    My problem is finding out how much it was worth. Around here (Austin), there are no 2005 models for sale with the navigation package. Have any of you recently sold or purchased a used 2005 Prius with what was originally Package 6 (I think it was also called BC or BG). Or do you know of any that sold recently? I'd love to have some of that information in hand to counter any lowballing by the insurance company.

    Another problem: with whatever I get back after the loan is paid off, I need to find some wheels. Since I carpool to work, it's awfully tempting just to buy an old beater for short trips to school and soccer practice and do without a car payment for a while, maybe renting a car for longer out-of-town trips. (I'm also worried that the insurance premium will rise.)

    On the other hand, I drove a Civic hybrid the other day, and it seems well ahead of the Prius in economic terms. There's a regional financing incentive of 4.9% for 60 months, it starts out cheaper, and it still has a $2100 federal income tax rebate. Not to mention that it drives beautifully....

    Please feel free to bat around any ideas you might have about Prius vs. HCH. I feel pretty strongly that if I buy a new car, it should be a hybrid. You know, make a statement, walk the talk, etc. But the kid is lobbying for a Yaris hatchback or Fit. Would it be better to wait until those are available as hybrids and fill the gap with a car that doesn't get such great mileage? We are definitely a one-car, two-driver family.

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    Just get a new 2007 Prius

    Check out this site and the latest few posts http://www.greenhybrid.com/discuss/s...t=6524&page=13

    This guy he just purchased a 2005 Prius but it's a "salvage-titled" 2005 Prius with Option 6 as you questioned about. The dealership he made inquiry asked for 24K+ TTL, but this private party he found and bought from, only asked for 16K since it's over 52K mileage already.

    I live in Round Rock, TX. Right now Toyota is running a promotion for all the option packages and dealership is doing the 2500 off incentive. I just took our new Prius Touring home this evening, it costs about 26474 + TTL if you go for the same option I get. If you don't need the leather seat, or the big 16 alloy wheel, you can get a nicely equipped well around or even under 24K.

    You have to factor in the depreciation of 2005 Prius. in 2005, Prius was quite expensive and rare, now you can see a new Prius on the street and parking lot because it has become popular and Toyota is making more to meet the demand. The new year model is less expensive than the older model, become much affordable.

    Surely Honda Civic Hybrid is a good buy because Honda hasn't met its quota yet and you can claim full credits for this tax year. But you just have to compare and determine if it meets your needs. Both Honda and Toyota are great car makers, either choice will be excellent.

    Good luck and be safe.

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