So Iím getting ready to pluck down +$30K for the 2007 Toyota Highlander. I understand the 2008 models will be out soon but Iím quite happy with the 2007 that I test drove and Iím indifferent to the extra room and horsepower in the 2008 model. Although it would be nice to have the smart key technology and the powered fold-back rear view mirrors included but oh wellÖ

My questions are related to the true scarcity of the 2007 model at this time (May 2007). The dealer I went to only knocked $100 off the MSRP and that was only because of the Costco auto buying program that I asked about. Are the Hhís still selling at MSRP (or above?) They had two on the lot today that I would consider first choice and two other ones that I would consider buying if I couldnít get either of the first two. (Iím looking for the Base modelóthe UNLimited versionówith a couple of other options thrown in.) Does anyone have a recent purchase experience you can share? Or knowledge about the speed these cars are leaving the lot (recently)?

Thanks a bunch!