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    2007 MMH Nothing but Problems

    I absolutely love my 2007 MMH, but I am having nothing but problems with it.

    First off are the passenger side windows, front and back, that "roll" down half speed and "roll" up half speed. Real annoying.

    Secondly, for some reason my parking lamps do not come on for some reason. I've even replaced both rear lamps and NADA.

    Thirdly, I put the A/C on for the first and after a few minutes I hear a "dripping" type noise coming from behind the center console area in the front of the vehicle.

    Other minor annoyances include various trim pieces that keep popping off, and the 6 disc changer recognizes CD one day and then the next it no longer recognize it.

    All this stuff is beginning to make me feel as though I bought a lemon... It is driving my crazy!!! Anyone else have any issues with their MMH or FEH???

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    It may be efficient but its still a Ford :-(
    Note that none of these complaints has anything to do with being a hybrid.

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    2007 Problems

    Your car is under warranty. Take it to the dealer and have all of these blems looked at and corrected.

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