On this tank of gas, I went 711 miles with the average reading 62.1.

I have almost 20k miles on my 2006 Prius. Like almost everyone I've heard talk about, I have experimented with trying to find the best gas mileage. I have 2 secrets: 1) I drive in "neutral" as much as possible and 2) when I drive on the highway, I draft behind big semi trucks, or just a big truck/suv can help too, but not as much as a semi truck.

I drive mostly in the city and usually dont go above 50 miles per hour. I dont have a lead foot and accelerate at a casual pace. What I mean to driving in "neutral" is by looking at the energy monitor, the one with all the arrows. Once I slow down to 40 miles an hours, I carefully place my foot on the gas until there are no arrows at all. This is tricky and can take a little get used to, but since I've started doing it, my MPG has finally gone above 60, and is still climbing. It was always dancing between 56 and 58. Now every time I drive my car to work (26 miles), it keeps increasing another .1 to .2 MPG.

When I do drive on the highway, I drove from West Palm Beach, FL to Jacksonville, FL and drafted almost the entire way. My MPG rose from 57 to 60 by the time my trip was over. When drafting, a lot of people say it's not safe, but I found that you dont have to draft 10 feet behing the semi's. I'm far enough away that another semi could fit between me and the one I'm drafting on. I cruise at 70 miles per hour and watch as the average MPG actually goes up. The yellow bar graph is solid at 60 to 65 all the way across.

It takes discipline and patience, but it works.