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    Prius Start Up Question

    I'm looking at a used 05 Prius. I noticed when starting the car that the gas engine came on for a few seconds and then shut off, just while sitting and idling. I tried it several times, and each time the gas engine came on. Is this normal? I test drove a new 07 Prius at the dealer and don't remember the gas engine coming on until I got rolling about 15 mph. Forgive my ignorance, just started looking at these vehicles.


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    This behavior is normal. Here's the big joke: It starts the gasoline engine to 'reduce pollution'. The Prius can't meet ath AT-PZEV emissions requirements if it starts up too many times with a cold catalytic converter. Therefore, it starts up periodically, just to keep the converter warm.
    This is also the reason that Prius's in the US do not have the EV-only button since that would allow the user to let the catalytic converter to cool down.
    I'm sure that the fallacy of this logic should be clear to all, however, laws are made by bureaucrats and control by the individual, even if it could be used to reduce emissions has no place in government. They'd rather guarantee to pollute the air a bit, rather than take the chance that you might push that EV-only button until the converter cools down and then start the car too often and occassionally cause a bit more pollutant emissions.
    What do you expect from organizations that succumbed to auto industry pressures to enable the term "Partial Zero Emission Vehicle" to refer to a vehicle that must emit emissions in order to go at all. The only thing "Partial" about its emissions is that the gas filler cap has a gasket to reduce the fumes that escape while refueling.
    Welcome to the world of alternative technologies controlled by those who don't understand or even like anything that is different.
    . end of rant .
    If you need a new car, go ahead and get the Prius. It's the cleanest, most fuel efficient, affordable vehicle you can buy today even if it does have a few mandated quirks.

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