I being an ex submariner know that diesels electric is the better way to go than gas electric.

A small tdi type of european 3 cylinder diesel in a hybrid would go further than a comparable gas electric.

also we could employ a cvt transmission if we like because at a realistic horsepower levels needed to drive a car or truck efficiently off of "torque" motors" a cvt would be the cat's pajamama's,

also we could use super/ ultra capacitors, high temperature superconducting motors and generators and regenerative braking.

factor in new steel alloys and lithium aluminum alloys that are super strong and light weight and carbon fiber body panels to save body , chassis and wheel weight as well as aerodynamics.

We could then think of Biodiesel made from crops and waste oils as a viable solution.

Why they even run buses in California on Aqua diesel which is diesel mixed with water to a degree.

try that in a gas engine.

Sean Ross
A&P Mechanic
Navy Submarine School graduate