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Thread: 2008 FEH Folks

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    2008 FEH Folks

    I'm a newbie and I'm interested in an 08 FEH 4WD. I had a few questions for any owners out there, as well as any hybrid enthusiasts. I live in Colorado, which is why I'm considering an SUV hybrid.

    1) The absence of AdvanceTrac Roll Stability Control on the 08 hybrid is a concern to me. My wife and I are wanting to start a family and safety is important to us (and our dog). With the FEH's smallish size compared to larger SUV's, how important is this feature? Of course the dealer we went to said it's not crucial (how convenient!) Are there plans to add stability control to the 2009 FEH? Also the 3-star driver frontal crash rating from NHTSA seems discouraging (http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/ncap/cars/4296.html). Why did the rating drop from the 07? What does Ford think about this?

    2) This is our second car (we need the 4WD) so the FEH could sit for months at a time during the summer. I read that the battery can lose its charge or its charge capacity if it's not run regularly. How frequently should it be run and is its charge capacity (battery life) decreased after a period of sitting? Also how does Ford's batteries compare to Toyota's and Honda's?

    3) Has anyone driven the 08 FEH in the snow? Does it have enough power? Does it "stick" to the road? How much does cold weather affect performance? And I read some posts about the seat warmers being funky in the 08 (turn on super hot then feel like they've shut off). Any thoughts?

    4) How good is the navigation system? How are the touchscreen's graphics and controls? From what I've seen they're not pretty. If I choose not to get it, I won't have the mpg display. I read that the scangauge is a good 3rd party mpg gauge. Any other recommendations or tips?

    This forum is a great asset. I've been to two dealers now and felt like I knew way more about the car than they did! That's not a good sign! Thanks for any feedback.

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    Wow, there's more than a few questions here, but I'll give a try to some answers.

    Ford has a patent on the hybrid stability control, but who knows when they will get it going on the FEH/MMH. I've taken some hard turns in my '05 FWD FEH and feel the added weight of the battery in the rear may give it better handling than the standard escape. No complaints here with overall safety, and I ordered the side curtain AB which is standard now.

    Here is some information about FEH/MMH storage and a lot more:
    Ford did an outstanding job of protecting the HV battery. So far, I've never heard of a replacement. Toyota and Honda have had some problems, but there good cars also.

    Both the FWD and AWD do great in the snow. Many have claimed the AWD is one of the best they've ever had.

    The Scangauge is a must, but I have the navi also. The energy screen on the navi was really needed as standard equipment, but it's not. My lifetime average is better than 44mpg, and I think the battery level keeps my average high. My advise is to forget about the quality of the navi because it's ok, the 7 speaker stereo and the hybrid screen make the system. I would not buy a '08 without the navi unit myself. You can't get the battery level with the SG or any other after market unit.

    From others with the new '08, they are claiming better MPG with the average drivers. I'd love to have an '08 FWD FEH, but my wife gets the next new vehicle.


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    AdvanceTrac control

    For your infomation, the lack of electronic stability control (Ford calls it AdvanceTrac) in the AWD Hybrid exists for Toyota also. Yes, Toyota has not been able to (yet) figure out the engineering requirements of combing the AWD (those drivetrains that split torque between front and rear wheels) hybrid braking with electronic stability control. Toyota has "gone around" this problem by adding a "second" electric motor to their vehicle. This induces additional cost to the vehicle. Worse, this second electric motor tied to the rear wheels isn't powerful enough! Some users (do a search and look in other hybrid forums) have reported getting stuck in the snow. What happens is the front wheels slip, the traction control kicks in to shift power to the rear and the rear electric motor can't generate enough power to get the vehicle out of the snow! Don't expect the Toyota salespersons to reveal this fact. Then again, it is just a matter of time and perfection before this vital safety feature is available withe AWD version of the Escape Hybrid.

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