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    How to replace CA DMV HOV stickers that are stolen

    What is the process to get your HOV stickers replaced once they are stolen? Seems to be a big time target for theives around San Diego.

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    I seem to have had this

    I seem to have had this happen to me at a chop shop this week. Although I'm sure you solved your issue by now, here's the complete info for anyone searching:

    The basic upshot:
    * You MUST file a police report if you are reporting them stolen.
    * You have to fill out a form and send it and any remaining stickers to the DMV
    * Reports I've seen online are that replacement stickers can take a very long time (4-7 months seems to be normal).

    Mind you, the wait times might increase greatly depending on the outcome of Arnold's recently announced plan to drop DMV employees to below state minimum wage. I wouldn't expect good service from anyone who's getting paid less than a cashier at McDonald's.

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