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    Can Anyone Explain the "Green" Battery level

    I'm averaging 50 mpg in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not too great, not too bad. When I study the battery storage, I usually am running in the "Blue" level. I keep thinking if I could keep it in "Green" longer, I could run on electric more often rather than mixed generator, electric, and gasoline. It seems that Green disappears in the blink of an eye most of the time. Can anyone explain how to maximize the the battery storage system? What value does the Green zone have? Am I wasting time trying to figure out what seems to be the whimsical nature of battery storage?

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    Battery Message........Green

    Welcome to Hybrid Battery 101 .......... as with most hybrid ownwers you are perplexed by the Green vs. Blue charging colors........... Well it's like this: A Nickle-hydride Battery is a strange animal. When it's "Empty" ( one Bar and is Blue )it still retains Approximately 20% of it's capacity. When you see Green ( full Bars and Green in color ) you are at approximately 83% of full capacity. That is the nature of the beast. It need's the room for transfering the charge between cells to keep "It Fresh and Ready". The Green color indicates a "Atta Boy" your really saving energy.......... on occassions that the Master Mind in your vehicle is on an edge decission of wheather or not to use Electric or ICE then the vehicle will opt to use the extra energy to perform the task. Over all saving will be a couple of bucks at the pump in the long run. Basically it is a signal to you that you are optimising your driving style. As donkey say's ( Shriek movies ) "Green is good!!!"

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