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    WANTED: Hybrid Wagon/Small Delivery Van

    We are just getting started in our own business and will be delivering our products to local retail shops & restaurants.
    We are looking at all alternatives to doing our business in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment, so a hybrid wagon or small delivery van would be ideal.
    Come on Toyota or Honda! You both produce all sorts of vehicles in this category that burn fossil fuels, so why not a hybrid?
    Until then, we will be using our VW Westfalia 2.5L Turbo Diesel for deliveries -- but this is not ideal.
    Vancouver Island, BC

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    I don't know what your products are but an Escape Hybrid or Highlander Hybrid might suffice. If they don't offer enough space, you might be able to augment with a rooftop box and or a trailer hitch box. The rooftop or hitch boxes might work with a Prius or HCH as well.

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    These seem to be the perfect

    These seem to be the perfect cars for storage and transportation, I am only sorry I didn't find rental pods when I needed them on my moving day. Hybrids would have been just too much to hope for.

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    I think hybrid escape will

    I think hybrid escape will the right choice.San Francisco movers

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