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Thread: My 2008 FEH

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    My 2008 FEH

    We traded our 05' FE XLT V6 for a fully loaded 08' FEH on Monday, thought I would share our thoughts for those of you who are considering purchasing an 08' FEH.


    Much smoother ride than the 05' FE, and much quieter. Power steering is vastly improved, not as stiff as the 05' FE. Side/Rear view mirrors seem larger and provide a much better view. Transmission is very smooth, gear changes are seemless, unlike the 05' FE. When the FEH is in electric drive, you simply can't hear it. Before now I've wondered if the car is actually on, only the dash lights etc give it away. Its like driving the Knight Rider car in stealth mode. Its a great cruiseing ride!


    The handbrake has been replaced with a foot parking brake which is taking a bit of getting used to. There is now only 1 lever to control the wipers, indicators and lights. To turn the lights on though, there is a dial to the left of the wheel.

    The MP3 Line In is great, no more messing around with an iPod FM iTrip to get your tunes through the stereo. The Sat Nav setup also offers a couple of DSP options when listening to the stereo.

    The center console is wider than previous models, now two people can rest their elbows on it instead of one.

    The dual zone AC is a life saver, my pregnant wife can now enjoy artic conditions without freezing the rest of us.

    You also get two mileage trips, plus information on how many miles you have until empty. Very helpful.

    Overall, the interior seems more spacious and is a VAST improvment over previous models.

    Sat Nav & Moonroof

    The Sat Nav works great and it only needs a single DVD for all regions. Its suggested you purchase an updated DVD once a year. As for the moonroof, its easily one of my favourite features!


    Currently averaging 33 MPG with AC in daytime (we live in Florida). Seem to get around 36 MPG when driving at night with no AC. We use the ECON feature which essentially means when your stopped at the lights, the engine won't be kept on to keep the AC cool. You notice the AC gets a little warmer, then when you pull away, it cools down again.

    Build Quality

    Our 05' FE XLT cost $25k, and I was always a little dissappointed with the build quality, for example, the head liner came loose at the front and the rear of the car. I also felt it should have come with more bells & whistles for the price. The 08' FEH cost $30k and has EVERY option on it, and the build quality is much much better. The interior is finished to a much higher standard, and the quality of the car itself feels a lot more solid, i.e. the doors feel a lot heavier etc.

    The Hybrid Experience

    I had been thinking about purchasing an hybrid for some time. We test drove the 07' FEH, but didn't think much of it, mainly because the interior was identical to our 05' FEH yet cost $5/6 K more. For $30k, I wanted some bells and whistles, and you certainly get that with the 08' FEH.

    Having paid our previous car off, I wasn't too thrilled about the prospect of having car payments again, but now that I have the 08' FEH, I don't care! The satisfaction I get from stopping at the lights and knowing I'm not using any gas is worth it alone.

    Currently you'll be eligible for a $3k tax credit, not a deduction. This is GOOD! Basically this means if your tax bill is say $10k, you'll only have to pay $7k!

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Beware the tax credit

    I'm glad to hear you love your hybrid. We have a black Highlander Hybrid that we call the Batmobile. Be careful with the tax credit. It is dependent on your income. The IRS makes an individual who bought a hybrid jump through hoops and fill out a lot of forms to see if you'll get it. I thought I had done my taxes correctly. Then I received an IRS letter (which scared the p**p out of me) and found out I needed yet another form.


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