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    Comments on NAH TCS & VDC

    As stated in my earlier post, I am quite interested in the NAH. All my previous vehicle have been all wheel drive. Going from AWD to FWD leaves me feeling a little unsettled given the variety of ice & snow that we get down here in the winter. Given that I am completely dependent on my car for transportation, I am curious to hear from the NAH owners their opinions on the VDC & TCS. Thanks in advance, -Rick
    PS-Please tell Nissan to sell this car nationwide.

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    i haven't had to use it yet, it hasn't snowed in new england since I bought the car....

    but i think that you can handle some snow without a problem

    if you're sliding on ice, i think the VDC is probably more important then AWD (but is bad regardless)

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    The NAH is everything a Car should be.

    Handles well, Goes like a hot shot, Handles like a Beautiful girl. The integration is flawless. Mine is Black leather and Precision Grey with the Full up Tech package.

    I drove the TCH and liked it a lot but mostly as a sedate Camry.

    These Cars are really the same as their non hybrid brothers. Do you want a AN Altima or a Camry it's your choice each has it plus and minuses. Neither is perfect.

    My directly previous car was the outstanding VW Phaeton which has full time AWD and everything else it requires to go with it.

    I want all the wheel control I can have so what can I say. I am having a big transition from the $70,000 Phaeton to the $30,000 Altima.

    The difference between the VDC and the TCS Hmmmmm do you like blonds or Brunettes they can both be winner or losers depends upon the circumstances. Don't forget I live in Arizona.

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