Hi everyone. I'm looking to get some feedback from some Prius owners. I'm concerned that there might be a problem with my '07 Touring Prius and its ablility to shut-down the engine when coming to a stop.

I'm aware that in cold weather or in the first 5-10 minutes of driving, the engine might hang in there a couple extra seconds when you come to a stop. When I first purchased my Prius, after the first 5 minutes of driving, the engine would immediately shut off (and I do mean immediately) when I began to coast or when I came to a complete stop. Which is awesome and what I expected. However, after I've accumulated a few thousand miles, I find that even beyond the first 10 minutes, I'll come to a complete stop and sometimes 10-15 seconds go by before it shuts off. Sometimes I'll be coasting and I'll notice that the regenarative breaking is kicked in (all blue arrows) yet my MPG isn't 99.9. Instead it'll be in the low 90's mid 80's and I'll can feel the engine running for 5 - 10 seconds or so before it shuts off and I'm back to 99.9.

I normally wouldn't be concerned, but in taking the exact same repetitive routes it's engine shut-off behavior now compared to the first 2,000 miles is definitely more erratic.

So to get down to it (and before I call service), is this expected? You know...after a break-in period is this how the engine-shut off program behaves for other owners?

Thanks everyone.