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    Low profile tires and alloy wheels

    Does anyone know if using low profile tires and light weight alloy wheels would improve the gas mileage on a Prius?

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    Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to test on my Prius. However, I had a pretty efficient Honda Civic that I ran softer summer tires. When I made the decision to switch to harder tires, I saw a noticable increase in MPG and little decrease in performance. I would think harder tires would make even more sense with a Prius because harder tires should help to decrease rolling resistance. Now if you're running a set of winter tires, the vast majority are soft tires, have more surface area, and less uniform tread patterns. I saw a drop in my MPG with snow tires, so I'm guessing the same would happen to a Prius as well.

    Aside from the tires, if the allow wheels you're looking at give you some kind of weight reduction over the current wheels, that should assist MPG.

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