I am about to purchase a new 2007 Civic Hybrid.

Just thought you 2003-5 Civic Hybrid drivers might want to know about my perhaps limited experience.

I owned a 2004. I think people should be aware that that model had a steering defect. Honda had not perfected the electric steering box at the time and the car has a tendency to steer in the corrected correction without ever centering the car. This is subtle to feel, but simply put in the following words: If the car is moving to the right in a normally steering car, you make the correction to the left and the cars tracks straight ahead when reaching the center point as a result. In the 2004 Civic hybrid, the tendency is that the car does not center after the correction to the left, but rather continues through the center point and keeps moving to the left. Then you need to correct this and move the steering wheel to the right, and again it does not center, but rather continues past the center point. This goes on continually. You cannot center the car without continual correction in a back and forth movement. The reaso most people do not notice this is because the human body automatically corrects for this incorrect tendency in the movement.

When I first noticed it, I thought, no this is not happening. After awhile I was convinced it was happening. I took it to Honda and they tried adjusting camber in the back wheels and other fixes. I thought they were going to think I was imagining it. However, the service manager admitted that I was correct and that although it was subtle, the defect was there. I sold the car shortly after this.

FYI, the reason that they are not making a CRV or Pilot in Hybrid is supposedly due to problem with Honda's inability to design an electric steering box that can handle the weight of those vehicles. Also, this is perhaps the reason that the Toyota Highlander Hybrid reportedly steers through corners like a Sherman tank.

The new 2007 Civic Hybrid does not suffer this steering problem. FYI, I have owned some 30 cars including a BMW M3, and Acura GS 6 speed, and I have never encountered the steering problem in any other passenger car vehicle.