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    Extended Warranty (service contract)?

    Seems like we get a good warranty from Ford.........but I'm curious if anyone has purchased an extended warranty......if so.......who from......how many miles/months........and if you don't mind sharing...........how much?? Thanks for the info.

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    As I've mentioned in other posts here. My philosophy is that the only extended warranty to consider is 100,000 miles, zero deductable, from the manufacturer and good at all dealerships.
    Make sure it is for the price you're willing to pay to have zero hassles, ie, if you don't end up using it, you can always chalk it up to the price for a reliable car.
    Zero deductable is key so that any problems are truly the manufacturers, you don't get nickeled and dimed when they don't actually fix a problem.
    Short of these terms, I don't think they are worthwhile.

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    I bought the 100,000 zero deductible on the 2007. I just figure that with so much electronics / power locks/ power windows/sunroof/ digital radio/ etc. - it will pay for itself.

    My other experience - in buying an extended warranty was on my old (now traded) 2000 Chev Impala. After the cruise control went, one power window, and the cd player - I got my warranty money back!

    Good luck - I enjoy the vehicle - and I get over 30 in warmer weather.

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