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Thread: Long Commute

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    Tire Pressures/Break-in

    I was a Tireman and a Battery Installer...plus in the 70's I was a foreign car mechanic..the tire pressures are LISTED on the tire..and the basic is 32 psi/COLD TIRE PRESSURE..I would recommend you CHECK the pressure after Highway miles..after some 70-miles would produce a some-what "very" warm tire..you could remain at 35 psi..I would not stay above that pressure reading..then there are excellent tires compared to the lower grade tires..and then TIRE ROTATION..and the more "expensive" metal wheels..
    For a recommendation on "Break-in"..I would not race the engine..or PEEL-out the tires..
    Accelleration should be an "even-Steven" commodity to assure some type of "break-in" period for "conscience"..sake..
    ..then its the engineered machine..
    I personally would not fear taking a New BMW and going 80-MPH up on the Highway(the first day)..after A PERSONAL Inspection for the necessities..
    A KIA might require some attention to the details for the Warranty requirements..I most tlikely would remain at 50-MPH TOPS/and then its the Brake Parts that need certain attention for about 1-week..
    WEARING in the Brake Pads..takes some attention.."BABY" the brakes the first week..even just for 2-days can be sufficient..
    Hybrid vehicles....???
    Well I am already learning very good things in this Forum///but have not owned a car since 1996..
    I just purchased an Electric Scooter from Currie Industries..[S-750]..www.currietech.com/
    This is for my photography hobby..and so far I'm enjoying an "electric" ride..the Scooter tends to be an un-cofortable "thing"..compared to my HONDA 500 V-twin Water Cooled..at 50-mpg/
    I could just take off for days on that..but electricty..??
    I would recommend TWO Scoots to GO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDiesel1 View Post
    Dealers are full O crap.

    and you are not? more BS from the Dr

    prove that the dealers are full o crap.if they are why buy from them?

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