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    2007 Escape Hybrid problem

    I just joined this forum. I bought my car on Oct. 15th 06. I didn't know how
    to reset the mpg average thingy, so my car has been getting 24.6 mpg
    when averaged since I bought it. That is through a few months of some
    very extreme cold (below zero) and incessant wind here in central
    Vermont - not garaged - and driven mostly 50mph to town and back
    (about 5 miles). My car did not come with a block heater, and I wish
    it had.

    Here is my problem. I have just over 5000 miles on the car. When I was
    driving it over a mountain yesterday I heard the engine hesitate at
    about 3000rpms two times. I heard a loud click back toward the
    batteries. I got home, and shut off. A couple hours later I started it
    up to run into town. It wouldn't go any higher than 2000 rpms in park.
    It climbs to 2000 rpms pretty slowly and with hesitation, even with my
    foor to the floor. In gear it seems to operate normally, and goes
    above 2000 rpms. In park it acts like there is a govenor on the rpms.
    I just drove it to the ford dealer and they are going to look at it on
    Monday. No warning lights have come on.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you,

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    I think i took delivery on mine the same day as u!

    1) The problem you are having will most likely be easily diagnosed. It sound electrical/electronic. Best of luck - i doubt that this will be a big prob. I have not had your experience - but I needed a jump start after a big cold spell - and all is fine since.

    2) Your MPG will rise with the temperature this spring/summer. Be patient. Also - when you first start out - a couple of minutes after turning key - speed up to 40-50mph - and then through it into nuetral - if you can (safely). This is way to give a lot of pwer to the battery early in your drive.


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    I don't know, but maybe they have a REV Limiter (limits the rpm's when parked)...lots of autos and trucks have them now.

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    Yes, the FEH has a limiter. you cannot stomp on teh gas at idle/park and get any response from the engine. Not sure whyexactly, but I am sure it has to do with emissions and the electric assist motor that normally comes on when you are accelerating.


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