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    How long did you wait for your Camry (if you did)?

    I was just doing an informal survey to find out how long other Camry users waited for theirs. I constatly have people ask about the Camry and the "wait" times but I really have no idea how long it has taken other owners.

    I ordered mine in August and it came in in November...so about 4 months for me. How about you?

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    Not too long

    We only waited about 3 weeks. Ordered in February; delivered in March.

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    My Camry from Servco Hawaii

    My Camry from Servco Hawaii took 2 weeks from filling out the custom-order sheet to final delivery. Not bad indeed for a car that's 100% built in Japan. Ordered end of June 06, arrived mid-July. That's also when the big rebates were in effect, yaaay!

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