I see someone is doing hybrids for a homework project. Well, my 11 year old son has picked hybrids as a speech topic so this seems like a good place for him to get some information.

My main concern is for him to keep the audience interested and not get bogged down with too many of the technical aspects, spouting out statistics about mileage and other numbers that go over most peoples' head. I'm a mother who doesn't care much about cars other than as a way to get from point A to point B, can you tell? I do think hybrids are great though and wonder why they aren't more popular given the global warming crisis and the nonrenewable state of fossil fuels.

A speech has to be lively and keep the audience engaged so it's important to get information that people can relate to.

Anyone have some good stories to tell of your hybrid experiences? How do they compare to regular cars? Do they feel different on the road? Sound different? How do people react to you having one? Are they positive about it? Anyone negative about them?

I will get my son to look around at the forum to get info but there's so much here, I thought I'd ask for some assistance in narrowing our focus a little. Thanks!