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    Highlander/Lexus AWD

    Hey Guys,
    I am not a Hybrid owner. but i am fixing to fix that.
    I was curious about the system. I am getting as much into my head as i can about the engines and such. Now, i find it stupid to have such a large engine in the vehicle if the electric motor is what does all the work. But, like i said.. NOOOB!

    SO. i was really curious about the Rear wheel interface. the rear wheels dont have a transmission attached to them from what i was told. They are connected to the battery that is in the backseat. And than each wheel has its own independent motor. Which is also a generator .. correct?
    I was hoping for a bit more clarification on this. And alot more explanation about it. Any possible sites that could help. I have googled it. but i dont know what exactly im googling. the name of the Rear motors would help. THe name of the assembly.. the works. I am kinda curious on why the rear wheels are independant from the front of the car.. but still seem to do the same work.
    Im Sure this will become one heck of a thread. But im sure it would be in the best interest of most Noob's coming to the world of Hybrid's.
    I have gone to many Mechanics.. and they know nothing about the electrical engines. I would find it best to just interview a mechanic from Honda or Toyota. I will do that when i can. But.. you guys from experience im sure will know more. They just plug in parts. they dont care how they work. If they dont work.. the customer comes back.You know?

    Well Thanks alot for you patience, im sure i will try it.


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    Independance of the wheels

    I can't help much on the technical side, but I have some comments. The Hybred Hylander is a performance SUV not an efficiency car. While it does get much better milage than it's gas sister the electrics add Horse power. But to keep it going at highway speeds or up hill it still needs the whack of a good gas engine.
    The four wheels are indpedent on drive and brake. The Electronic stability control needs this to be able to stabilize by braking or thrust any wheel separately. And it works like magic. If your car is not going the directin the wheels are heading, the car will take over and fix it. you hear a smoke dector type beeping and you are straightened out on the road. Worked once for me already, saved me an accident. Good luck in your info search.

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