Hi all,

i am a new user. Please allow me to vent my sorrow.

Tomorrow will be the one-month anniversary of my purchasing my beloved Hybrid. i graduated from uni last year, got a good job; this car was the first car i had bought which was my "own". This week was the first week of the actual first monthly payment on the car. i was/am so proud of this baby. i hand-wash it. i took/take great care of it.

You all know where this is going. Yesterday, someone did a hit-and-run on my Hybrid. i am left feeling so devastated, i could cry. And yet, i know that i still have so much to be grateful for. No one in the car was hurt, thank God for that. i had other family members in the car, and thank God everyone was okay physically. The material damage is not extensive. i am grateful for many other reasons. It still hurts though. It hurts quite a lot actually.

It hurts that someone, whom i never intentially wronged in my life, has power over me such that he can do something like that to me and think he can get away with it. [We got the licence plate and you can bet i am testifying in court]. i can't get over the fact that tomorrow will be the one month anniversary of the handing over of the keys.... and instead of being able to celebrate that, i am running around with my insurance broker.

Fellow-forum-readers, value your new undamaged Hybrids.... and watch out for stupid moronic drivers who aren't man enough to acknowledge responsibility for their actions.

Thank you for letting me vent. i hope this has helped me :~/