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    Who Killed the Electric Car Website


    for the new sonyclassics website. It covers a lot of info about hybrids and EV's

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    new Who Killed the Electric Car website

    cool site, who made the movie?

    By the way what happened to your EV

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    new Who Killed the Electric Car website

    The director was another ex-EV1_driver like me. I don't recall the actual name of the production company - it's on the website. Sony pictures is distributing the movie which should open on June 28.
    My EV1 was taken from me under threat of force and crushed by GM like most of the rest of them, hence the killing of the electric car. See http://ev1-club.power.net/ or the movie for more details.

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    new Who Killed the Electric Car website

    Why did GM want the EV-1's back, then to crush them?

    Couldn't it have just phased out the car and let parts suppliers keep building parts (like the Chevy Cavalier, which ended production on the 2005 model year, for example).

    Maybe GM felt embarrassed by the EV-1 against their gas-guzzler lineup, and wanted all traces of them gone.

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    new Who Killed the Electric Car website


    Of course we really are not likely to ever know the actual reason GM did what they did. I suspect a lot of it was 'group-think' so the best you'll ever get are opinions.

    I suspect you're reason is part of reality. I suspect that a lot also has to do with how an EV would obsolete most of the knowledge of GM's management as well as most of its intellectual property and factory capital since EV's don't have Internal combustion engines or transmissions. We didn't see Western Union lead the telephone revolution, nor did Kodak lead digital camera production.

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    new Who Killed the Electric Car website

    That's true.

    As you said, its still a mystery why GM did what it did, I just can't see why GM couldn't just cut production and let the EV-1 owners keep their cars.

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    We just watched that movie (Who Killed the Electric Car). Very interesting and thought provoking. Was thinking to post here mentioning it, but see you've already done that. Too bad about your car, must be very frustrating.

    We have an 06 civic hybrid, and like it very much. There was some mention, maybe 6 months back, by the mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that they were going to embark on a program where a fleet of Civic hybrids would have additional batteries installed. They would also be modified so that plug-in charging was done. The object was to increase the electrical capacity of the car. Haven't heard any more though...

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    Cool! This is the first I've heard of anyone thinking about converting an HCH into a PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle).

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    And no company has stepped

    And no company has stepped up to fill GM's void either has it....There are homebuilders here and there, hybrids, experimental cars, but no one else is selling electric only propulsion cars in the USA. Why? What is it that GM and all the other automakers see that the general public doesn't?

    *could it be the discharged EV blocking the intersection?
    *could it be legal liabilties in a nation prone to sue first ask questions later?
    *could it be the countless thousands who really shouldn't be operating any automobile at all much less a "weird one"
    *could it be the dealerships who can't repair what's being built today and have no hope of repairing anything else?
    * or could it just be the fact that a pure EV is just too darnn expensive to build and sit on the dealer's lots hoping gas prices will go up again? After all Americans are fickle, they'll buy econ cars, hybrids, scooters, ev's when gas is $4/gallon but back in the SUV's when gas is $1.50/gallon? Gas does obey a supply and demand doesn't it?

    I don't think GM killed the electric car. I think Americans killed the electric car.

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