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    Well, it's a little late but congratulations! We own both, the Camry and the Prius! I love them both for different reasons! We drive Cam when we want more room to stretch out since it's roomier, but we drive the prius when going to the grocery store because the "trunk" space is far better. Just don't throw tomatoes at me when I say that we drive the Excursion to haul trash to the dump! HAHA!

    Congrats on your purchase!

    I will say, I wish Cam had a back-up camera like my husbands "marshmello" (prius)...but I just back into the driveway and it works out just fine!

    Ho Hum! Welcome to the green side!

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    The Passion of the Prius...

    Ok...so the Prius' Hebrew-Latin-English translation tends to refer to "nine camels" as it relates to references in the Bible (especially King James translation). Anyhow, the answer to the versus question depends. If you want comfort go with Camry. If you want better mpg go with the camel. You will love either. I can say this as my family has ownership of each of them and we usethem for different reasons related to the aforementioned philosophy. cheerio.

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    My Feelings on Toyota Hybrids

    Prius is a total waste of money and horrible for the US and bad for the air as well. Hands the technology is a BUZZ and on the highway you will get plenty of BUZZ.

    In 10 years it will save you 2000 dollars in fuel over 35-MPG ford focus, or Honda civic or any other good small car. You can get a ford focus used for like 6k too???

    AT 30k new price where 90% of the money goes to a country that is not US does not re-invest any money back to the USA. The Adverts are very deceptive that Toyota launches to trick people saying there cars are made in the USA where only 1000 dollars per car goes back into our economy. This causes the US to become DUMB and turn our society to basic assemblers who do not produce or engineer and basically is hurting us, just look at the economy now. So people are selling out on their country to be in style that’s horrible.

    To build one new car a huge amount of energy is wasted natural resources are depleted causing major amount of green to be lost.

    Keeping your old car is much better for the environment.

    Henry fords wife drove an all-electric car the 1918 Detroit electric used no gas at all and went 40 miles on a charge. So much for Prius being advanced.

    So there you have it this Wonder Car the Prius is causing a huge amount of damage.

    I am waiting for the GM volt.

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    Tips in General

    To make a difference on your comments, let me give you some Tips in car buying in general..Here are some tips on how you can buy and have a quality used car, so as you would not be replacing unnecessary parts along the way...Hope, this might help...
    Tips & Warning
    • As a final precaution, take the car to a mechanic, who should charge a reasonable fee to check over a used car. The seller should agree to this, but may require that you leave a deposit. If the seller won't let you take the car, offer to meet him or her at a mutually convenient garage.
    • If you give the seller a deposit in order to take the car to have it checked, make sure to write out an agreement stating that the deposit will be returned immediately if you decide not to buy the car.
    If the vehicle's mileage appears unusually low, have a mechanic determine whether someone has tampered with the odometer. If so, the seller must refund any money you have paid and may be liable for punitive damages under federal and state odometer laws…
    This is how I acquire my car; I inspected all its auto parts from exterior and interior aspect down to its toyota header and other accessories. By doing so, you could be sure of the quality of vehicle you are getting...

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    Toyota Smoke

    The Prius is a total PR event.

    I ran the numbers to buy a Toyota Prius you have to waste so much in producing it that you destroy the environment.

    Also it saves you aprox 2k in gas over 10-20 years but the battery pack cost you 3k in 8 years to replace.

    So basically not only is the Toyota Prius a total waste of money. Its bad for the environment, bad for the us economy and its totally unsafe in crash tests.

    Trust me I rather be in a GM than a toyota anyday. I was just in a large auto accident and took the back right off a toyota.

    Toyota cars are totally unsafe.

    People get with it one day in the emergency room is not going to pay for the savings in gas.

    When I see people buying foreign Toyotas and Prius I think how stupid they can really be?

    Just to be in style?

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    Reply to geisemann

    "More generically, the term "arms race" is used to describe any competition where there is no absolute goal, only the relative goal of staying ahead of the other competitors." - from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arms_race

    There are two approaches for safety:

    There are two approaches for safety on the streets:

    a) To limit and reverse the arms race on the streets - no problem if every body drives a car like Prius;

    b) To take part in this arms race. Then no matter what car you buy soon you will be "outmassed" and the big car does not provide safety in the court room when you are liable for killing somebody.

    Here is a two dimensional chart representing statistical data for both risks:

    Every time the heaviest cars get heavier they force everybody else to become heavier. Unfortunately this does not work in the other direction - toward decreasing the weight.
    I personally argued with a representative of Audi. My question for him was why I should drive one of their cars instead of my Toyota Prius. He was very passionate to scare me with the big vehicles.

    The elementary physics tells us that for safety we need bulky and light cars - bulky to provide more cushion and light to contribute less destructive energy. This immediately will help to solve two other problems - the global warming and the oil addiction.

    I want to see class action law suits against the heavy car industry as it was with the tobacco industry,

    As far as the unsafe issue goes, you should decide for your self:

    Tax the mass, tax the horse powers and tax the fossil carbon content. With this tax money create oil crisis risk fund; global warming risk fund and energy science fund.

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    Stupid Decision

    I was intrested in a Toyota Prius until I saw on on the highway get hit by a ford explorer.

    The Prius was crushed in 1/2

    I think espically if people have familiys they need to Highly consider saftey and I would recommend one of the new GM 2 mode systems.

    I would never put someone I cared about in a Prius with light metal.

    All the money you save wont pay for 1 day in the emergency room

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    Song for giesemann

    (The following lyrics are to be sung to Rawhide.)

    Trollin', Trollin',Trollin

    Keep Trolling, Trolling, Trolling
    Though they're disapprovin',
    Keep then posters fuming' Rawhide!
    Don't try to understand 'em
    Just post and moan and madden 'em
    Soon we'll be dissing high and wide.
    Boy my rants confusin'
    My true love will be baiting, be baiting and see how I lied.

    Move 'em on, head 'em up,
    Head 'em up, move 'em out,
    Move 'em on, head 'em out Rawhide!
    Set 'em out, ride 'em in
    Ride 'em in, let 'em out,
    Cut 'em out, ride 'em in Rawhide.

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    Oh brother. I owned a Monza, Olds 98 and Camaro...junk, pure junk with constant problems. When GM gives me a 100,000 mile warranty on anything and everything besides wipers, tires and filters I may consider them again but I wouldn't buy a American made piece of junk until we corrected the problems. Oh and I get a loaner nicer than my vehicle while my car is in the shop. Speaking of the shop, GM should have 24 hour service centers and not the M-F 7-6 pm stuff because of the horrible reliability. The slight variance in one more production stage of the hybrid electric battery is nothing compared to the emissions of an insecurity vehicle like the Hummer or Suburban. Toyota just built a new plant in Texas where they make Tundras creating hundreds of jobs. I think every GM executive needs to come down here and work on the assembly line for minimum wage since they are incapable of anything else. GM volt? Maybe you could explain how many more coal plants or nuclear reactors we would have to build to supply more electricity for say the 1,000,000 people that buy the volt?

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    Geiserman, you always seem

    Geiserman, you always seem to rant about the american economy, as a Canadian, and a driver of Toyota products, I know that there are a lot of North Americans who are employed by Toyota right here in North America. therefore there are Americans working building cars that Americans are buying. We drove a prius recently , we rented it in Florida. we loved it, and enjoyed the fuel economy that we experienced. averaging 46 miles per gallon. I read with interest about the cold weather issues and lower mileage etc. thus I am sticking to my 2000 Avalon for the time being. but while we were defrosting in 80 degree weather we sure enjoyed the prius. glad we chose it over the Impala that the rental agency initially offered us. Janis

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