I don't actually think this is a rip-off, since I think I got a pretty good deal ($21k OTD for the basic car, including the extended warranty and coating for the fabric since I have kids who seem to spill, and I didn't want to pay for the everything package just to get leather). This is my commuter car, and I'm getting about 37 MPG over the first 4 fill-ups and 2500+ miles (that's my own calculation. The car's computer thinks it's getting 39 MPG. Not sure why there is the difference, but I figure it'll even out over time).

But after only 2 months of ownership, the car is back at the dealer for a week because they are telling me that one of the hybrid cells is bad, and that drained the 12V battery. Anyone have longer term experience with their NAH? I like the car, but I want it to be a dependable car.